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What are the most common questions about coupons? We answer the most popular ones here. We know you’re smart, but you could learn a thing or two.

couponing demographics
Coupon User Demographics

What does your average coupon user look like? The results may surprise you. Learn how coupon users tend to be wealthier and more educated.

couponing worldwide
Couponing Worldwide

It all started in the USA but has since spread worldwide. International coupon data broken down for your consumption.

The history of couponingHistory of Couponing

It all started with Coca-Cola and morphed into extreme couponing and Groupon. Learn the history, present, and future of the industry.

Coupon dictionaryCoupon Dictionary

Do you know what a Catalina is? How about a Blinkie? No worries, in about 5 minutes you’ll know every coupononing term out there.