Coupon F.A.Q.

couponing frequently asked questions

Couponing Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of coupons available?

There are many different types of coupons available.

  • Sunday Paper Coupons – The most commonly used coupons are the physical paper coupons that you can get in your Sunday paper. These coupons are generally for grocery store or other food purchases. However many retail stores also provide paper coupons periodically as well.
  • Online Coupons – The next most popular coupons are online coupons. These can be a discount provided as a promotional code that you type in during the checkout process or can be embedded in the link so that the only way you get the offer is if you click on the link provided by the coupon site (other frequently used terms include discount code, coupon code, promo code, voucher code, or just online coupon).
  • Mobile Coupons – Recently mobile coupons have become available. With certain mobile apps, you can download coupons directly to your phone and have them scanned all at once.
  • Daily Deals – Finally, Groupons or daily deals are a version of coupons that are generally good for 50% off or more. However, unlike other versions of coupons that are free and only require payment when the purchase is made, Groupons must be bought before you receive your product or services.

What are some of the best coupon sites online?

There are many online coupon sites that offer online coupons. However, these are some of the top sites that usually have the best coupons and a wide variety of features to help you save on your purchase.

  • – This is a relatively new coupon site that has been growing fast and adding innovative features. In addition to coupons for over 5,000 retailers, Couponasaurus verifies every single online coupon and discount, as well as the stores that deliver the coupon offers.  Making sure that each and every offer is valid and works.
  • is currently the largest aggregator of online coupons and discounts with deals for over 50,000 online stores. Many of their coupons are added and verified by their community of users.
  • is another respected coupon site. While they only feature coupons for about 3,400 online stores, they pride themselves in making sure that only the best coupons are displayed for each retailer. They also have additional features like customizable email alerts and daily deals.
  • is a community of online deal seakers. With one of the most diverse set of deals and coupons, you are likely to find a deal for those left-handed gardening shears you need. Just browse their forums to find promotions that are only good for a few hours or obscure printable coupons for the taco shop down the street.

What is the difference between a promo code and a coupon?

In most cases they are synonymous, but generally a promo code is for online use and a coupon is for either in-store or online purchases. For a promo code to work online, all you need to enter is the code provided. For a coupon to work online, sometimes you dont need a code and simply need to click a link to visit the desired store. In these cases, the coupon should be displayed prominently either on the initial landing page or at checkout.

How do I know the coupon will be applied to my purchase?

After you click on the coupon from the coupon site, the discount should be displayed on the first page you land on. However, some times the discount wont show up until you checkout. Just make sure that you can see your discount before you submit your payment info. Many retailers let you enter a coupon code or promo code during the checkout process, just before you provide your credit card information.

Should I pay for coupons?

Do not pay for coupons, EVER. There is no need as you can find all of the coupons you need online for FREE. Also, there is no need to sign up with your name or email address. There are plenty of sites that offer coupons without divulging any information. Of course if you want to sign up for email newsletters from coupon sites, feel free to do so. You will get coupons delivered directly to your inbox.

*Please note that online coupons are different than Groupons. You have to pay for Groupons or other group buying deals in advance. With an online coupon or promo code you don’t actually pay for the coupon, just for the products you wish to purchase.

What is the difference between a Groupon and an online coupon?

The main difference is that a Groupon is a deal that you purchase for future goods or services and is used at a local store. Whereas an online coupon is free and can be used at the time of purchase at a national online store. For example, in order to get the latest Groupon you must purchase the deal from Groupon and use it at some point in the future. You have already paid for the food or service and must visit the location of that store to get the deal. For an online coupon, you can use it whenever you make your online purchase.

What type of sites can I use coupons for?

You can use online coupons for pretty much any site. You can find coupons for savings on everything from apparel to sports equipment to dating sites to electronics and cell phones. As long as the site has an option for entering promo codes or coupon codes during the checkout process, then you can more than likely find a coupon and save money.

Does it matter what type of payment I use to make the coupon work?

In most cases it should not matter what payment method you choose. As long as the eCommerce site accepts the payment, the coupon will still work. However, there are some promotions out there that require you to use a certain payment method such as an American Express card or a new account with BillMeLater. In these cases, the restriction should be clearly listed on the coupon site.

Can I use a coupon multiple times?

For the most part, yes. There may be a few coupons or promo codes that you come across that are one time use coupons only. However, these are few and far between. If you find a coupon you like, you can usually use it as many times as possible until it expires.