Cheap Textbooks: Find Student Discounts Buying and Renting Textbooks



discounts for cheap textbooks and newspapers for studentDuring college, you will need a truck load of cheap textbooks, paper, and notebooks. Textbook prices have skyrocketed in recent years.

Since 2006, the cost of a college textbook has increased by 73 percent, as documented in a new report from the non-profit Student PIRGs (Public Interest Research Groups). According to the report, it’s not uncommon for an individual textbook to cost more than $200, and some books have price tags that go as high as $400.

The College Board recommends that students budget about $1,200 a year for textbooks, reference materials, and supplies.

We’ve compiled a list of companies that give students discounts for textbooks and newspapers:

  • Amazon: Deals on new and used textbooks year round. Amazon also has a great program to rent textbooks and they will even take trade-ins or let you sell back textbooks and your old books.
  • Barnes & NobleNo direct student discount, but they have great sales on textbooks but they have a great textbook rental program with savings up to 50% off.  They also cover the shipping if you sell back textbooks.
  • Big Words:  Comparison shopping site for finding textbook deals across many retailers.
  • Chegg:  Comparison site for finding large discounts on textbooks.
  • The Economist: Discounts on subscriptions for students. Students with an International Student Identity Card can get up to 69% off in savings, plus free gifts from The Economist.
  • FedEx:  30% discount on document shipping and 20% on package shipping.
  • Guilford PressBiannual discounts on books, year-long discount on journals offered for full-time students.
  • The New York TimesCollege students can save 50% off the regular rate.  $1 a week subscription with valid student email address. Check the College Rate page for all the details.
  • The Wall Street Journal:  Students can enjoy a special college rate from The New York Times, at just 99 cents for the first four weeks and 50% off the regular rate after that.  You can get more than 75% off regular rates for print, online, and mobile delivery.
  • The Washington Post: Free, unlimited digital access with .edu e-mail address

Finding cheap textbooks is going to be one of your toughest challenges. Textbook rental is a great option, if the book you need is available.

For more savings, browse all our book coupons and check out our Ultimate Student Discount Guide for the best student deals.

I hope you enjoyed our list of companies offering student discounts on textbooks and newspapers.

Don’t forget to keep your student ID on you at all times, and ALWAYS ask for a student rate!

Know of other bookstores that offer student discounts?  Share them in the comments below and we will add them to the list and share it on our social accounts.