Best Time to Book a Hotel this Summer


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The best time to book a hotel for your summer vacation

Wondering what is the best time to book a hotel for summer travel in order to get the best deals? Well TripAdvisor just released its ‘Best Time to Book’ report.

The report reveals when you should book your hotel stays this summer at popular destinations around the globe and save the most money in the process. With this knowledge you can feel safe to check out the travel coupon and deals from Expedia,,, and similar discount travel booking sites.

They analyzed hotel bookings for the summer months of June, July, and August in nine popular regions around the world.  Their research showed the best time periods to book hotel rooms vary depending on the region or city.  It also shows that hotel prices don’t change dramatically up or down, but change gradually over time.

For example, in the U.S., you will save 7%  if you book your stay within two months of your summer trip, but U.S. hotel summer prices remain fairly consistent throughout the year.  Every little bit helps, but not a particularly dramatic money savings.

In Europe, the best time to book a European hotel is between three and five months before your planned visit. You could enjoy a 23% savings compared to booking at the most expensive times.

Travelers researching trips almost always want to know – am I booking at the right time, or will I save money by booking later.  he report shows there are a variety of time periods during the year when it’s ideal to book on TripAdvisor depending on the destination, and savvy travelers can use these insights for significant savings when booking their hotels for summer. – Brooke Ferencsik, senior director of communications for TripAdvisor

Below is the breakdown of potential savings for six of the most popular world regions comparing the most expensive to least expensive times to book hotels for the summer.

Best Time to Book Hotels for Summer in Popular World Regions

  • Within 4 months best for the Caribbean – Booking within 4 months is the sweet spot for Caribbean hotels for summer when travelers can save 7% compared to the peak pricing periods.
  • Plan for longer lead times when booking summer hotels in Europe – Travelers looking to visit Europe during the summer months should plan to book their hotel rooms between 3-5 months out to save 23% percent versus the peak booking period for the region.
  • U.S. hotel rates consistent but travelers can save by booking inside 2 months – U.S. hotel pricing remains fairly steady throughout the year, but those booking within 2 months of their summer trip can save 7% on their hotel.
  • South Pacific savings inside 5 months – For summer trips to the South Pacific, travelers can save 19% or more per night by booking within 5 months of their travel date.
  • Modest savings in Central America within 3 months – Booking a hotel within three months of a summer trip is the most cost-effective approach for Central America, when travelers can save 7% compared to peak price weeks.
  • Inside 4 months ideal for South America – Travelers planning a South American trip can find 20% savings by booking within four months of the trip.  For those willing to wait, they can save an additional 2-4% booking within the final few weeks before the travel date.

You can head over to TripAdvisor’s press release to see all the details and find out the best time to book a hotel for other cities and regions.